Immigration Vetting

A lot of mudslinging out there over the immigrant ban done by President Trump. Is it bad, or good, a lot of which depends on your political view.

First off, I’ll say as a nation we cannot take in every refugee no matter what is said. Its not a good idea no matter what. There has to be a limit, as too much would be a tremendous strain on our economy, politics, and society, some of which might not be for the better.

Now, there is some idea that the United States, as a whole, doesn’t get many terror attacks. Yes, I will agree with those people. But as with getting struck by lightning, if you don’t’ go outside in a thunderstorm you are less likely to be struck. The same principle here, if we don’t take in as many radical muslims we don’t increase the chance of attacks that much.

Now, according to some reports radical muslims make up some 1-60% of all muslims, depending on which group you listen to. A more acceptable report has it around 5-15%.

So, let’s take in 100,000 muslim refugees. According to the report we are taking in between 5-15,000 radicals. Now those radicals are free in the country to spread their poison.

If even less than .1% are violent we have still taken in 100 people who could do something. It doesn’t take many to cause widespread terror. In fact a single gunman could cripple the airline industry by shooting up a major airport.

So the left is accepting to not vet anyone coming in despite a present danger. That is putting ones heading the sand and ignoring the incoming tide.

They call it racism, and anything else they can to end the discussion about it. Why? They do not wish to confront the ugly truth, radical muslims are not our friends, and one of the first lines of defense is vetting.

As long as the left continues to want to ignore this threat, the chance will increase.