Well, its the beginning of a new year, and in a few weeks the beginning of a new administration.  One upon which almost no one foresaw.

Now eight years ago a man named Barrack Obama had won the election and would become the new President.  Everyone on the left was full of hope (and change).

Personally I was hopeful, but cautious about his agenda.  I didn’t feel his agenda was right for how the USA was headed, and what was going on.  I don’t know if my opinions were right or wrong as it generally takes a decade or more to even begin to understand what happened under a Presidency.

Today we have Donald Trump about to take the oath and liberals all over at still whining about the election.  They are still calling Trump supporters racist, and deplorable, and more.  They have attacked Trump and he hasn’t even taken the oath yet.

I have no problem with people actually criticizing Trump, they have that right.  But what I see in the beginning of the year isn’t criticism, its personal attacks.  Calling someone racist for supporting Trump doesn’t heal the country.  Calling someone sexist for supporting Trump doesn’t heal the country.

If 2017 is to be the year we heal, the left is doing everything they can to make sure the healing doesn’t occur.