Ohio State University Attack

Once again there was another college attack  And once again liberals are spouting off on what needs to be done about it to prevent another attack.

Their solution is more gun control, or abolish gun s altogether.  Its their bread and butter solution any time such an attack occurs.

However, there is one slight problem with this attack.  You see, the attacker didn’t use a gun at all.  He drove a vehicle and used a machete to attack his victims.

Oops.  Well, probably won’t see liberal back track on this, nope.  Instead they’ll go quiet about it.

Of course, what you won’t hear either is how students with military training acted upon hearing of the lock down.  They did what they were trained.

In many classes stories come out about how these students put themselves between the door and any attacker and the civilian students who were told to stay back.

And yet such outstanding people are constantly degraded by the left and when something happens they have no problem standing up even for those who degrade them.

This attack has many lessons, many of which will not be learned.  You don’t need a gun to attack people.  And many of those who are trained to defend this country will, even in a classroom.  Its time to start working together again instead of tearing it apart.