Political Racism and Sexism

Often we hear, especially from the left, that this person or group is racist, or sexist.  But is it?  Do they really think that way or is it all political?

Take the following statement:

She should be in the kitchen, not making speeches, after all that’s where a woman belongs.

That, I think, every can agree is a sexist statement.

Now, let’s put this in perspective as political sexism, and for this I will be calling out both left and right on this.

First off, lets say this is said by a conservative about Hillary Clinton.  The left goes berserk over this and claims all conservatives are sexist.  The papers pick it up and run with it solidify the false ide that all conservatives think this way.

They’ve demonized conservatives while taking the ‘moral’ high ground.

But let’s reverse this a bit and see.

Now a liberal makes this statement about Sarah Palin.

The situation is now very different.  The ones coming off as sexist are liberals.  But wait, they can’t be sexist according to them.  So what happens, they ‘justify’ such statements.  They claim Palin brings it on herself, or she is already dumb, or she is a conservative which means she isn’t really a woman.  The papers pick it up and run with it saying its funny.  No, its demeaning.


Sorry liberals, this is sexism.  Just because you’re saying it towards someone you don’t like doesn’t mean it gives you freedom to put someone down as you claim conservatives cannot do.  Its a hypocrisy which the left does so well.

Political sexism doesn’t justify you putting someone else down.

Of course this can be expanded to racism as well, or even any other ‘ism’ the left tosses out.  Its bad only when a conservative does it, but justified when a liberal does it.