New ‘Average’ for Arctic Ice

NASA has come out with new levels for the Arctic ice.  They are saying that these new levels would be considered all time lows years ago, but now are average.

Of course liberals are quick to jump on board saying its humanity’s fault, oil, USA, etc.  Surprised some don’t even blame whites as well, that’s how liberals work.

Me, I recall something I was taught back in environmental classes.  Always question the data.  Due to that philosophy I have been labeled a climate change denier.  If questioning the data causes people to label me that way, then I’ll proudly wear that title over being a sheep.

However, with all of this I’ve slowly changed my mind again on this topic.

I no longer assign blame, or even question data much anymore.  No, what I do now is ask the question what is science doing to reverse this climate change?  Science got us into this mess, when are they going to own up and reverse it?

Again, even by asking this you are labeled a denier and an enemy of climate change.

Just goes to show that one can’t dare do anything but say yes to climate change and that we are at fault.

As for the new ice level, I’ll wait until there is more data as usual.  If anything the world has shown to be an always evolving place where nothing is really considered normal.