Obama Wasting A Crisis?

With the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 it appears President Obama is wasting a golden opportunity to gather allies.  In the flight 298 men, women and children were killed by what seems more and more likely to be by pro-Russian separatists.  Obama even went on TV that first day, but what he said left many, disheartened.

I watched it as many did hoping to hear something about the incident.  Of course this was after the State department began their normal press conference by leading off not with the crash, but Kerry and the Afghanistan elections.

Obama’s speech was only some 30 seconds long.  There is no problem with the length, but what and how he spoke was greater than his words.  He lacked the passion and energy of a leader in such a situation.  He wring his hands as if he did not know what to do, and his tone almost had a bored, disinterested view.

Then Obama went off to two fundraisers to help raise money for democratic congress members.

He is allowing an opportunity to gather allies.  Obama defenders pride the fact he is a community gatherer, but yet, he cannot seem to gather together allies who have a common bond to help stop bloodshed in the Ukraine.

Its time to stop leading from behind Mr. Obama, and lead from the front.  Your actions actually make me with Bush Jr was President, because for all his faults and failures, he lead from the front.