The Transcript

By now people have heard the ‘released’ version of the transcript of the 911 call by the Orlando shooter.  The meme does a good job showing what was really said (except Islam, its actually Islamic State):


Now, why did they have to omit islam, isis and change allah to God.

Its a simple answer, they don’t want to believe that the shooter could have any relation to islam.  So they take out islam and isis, which would link islam and terrorism.

But changing allah to God?  Again, this is to continue their belief.  When one reads this ‘translated’ version they see God and think Christian.  That’s what the left wants to blame this on, the right and Christians and will do and say anything to try and make that true.  Where is allah had been used, people would have first thought muslim, which the left doesn’t want people to do.

Its a form of controlling what the people see and hear.  Propaganda at its finest.