Voter Fraud?

Conservatives are used to being called out for wanting things like voter ID to help prevent voter fraud.  Constantly we’re told by liberals there is no such thing as voter fraud.

It now appears this very idea has come back to hurt democrats in recently preliminaries within their own party.

Bernie Sanders has given Hillary Clinton a major scare in her run for President within her own party.  But, what’s showing is how far the democrat party elite are willing to go to ensure their nominee wins.

Even in states that Sanders is winning he is losing.  One recent example is Nevada, which had a recent convention to figure out who the state would be voting for.  This appears to have been the third such vote, the first went to Hillary slightly but there were problems, and the second went to Sanders.

In the third vote, it appears the officials decided to quickly call for votes before the Sanders’ people made it in and were settled to participate in the vote.  When a petition was made for a revote the speaker went with a motion that the temporary rules be voted on by the body.

Asking for those in favor and against, it seemed the against won.

The speaker then stated, that the movement by the chair isn’t debatable and the motion passes.

So much for having your vote count if your a democrat, and they are telling republicans there is no voter fraud.  Look at your own party first and then ask, if they do this much to get Hillary elected in the preliminaries, what will they stoop to so she is elected President?

Watch the video here: