The New Ghostbusters

Okay, a bit late here, but a couple of months ago Sony put out the trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie coming out.

And the reaction?

If likes and dislikes on YouTube are any indication, it sucks.  Currently its the most disliked trailer on YouTube (currently 799k dislikes to 232k likes).

I heard a while back they were going to remake the movie, after the good sales of the game (which was good).  Even the fact they were going to use an all female cast wasn’t a problem for me.

Then I too saw the trailer.

Yikes!  It wasn’t funny, or humorous, or anything.  Saw no chemistry between the characters or anything which would make me want to see this movie.

In fact, I was confused by the beginning of the trailer, as many were.  Fans were told this wasn’t a continuation, but a reboot.  And what do we see in the trailer, ’30 years ago, 4 scientists saved New York’.

Um, what?  Thought this was a reboot.  So what is it?  Reboot or sequel?

Maybe it will get better, but after what I saw on the trailer, it would need a lot.

Maybe, if this bombs Hollywood will finally start using their imagination for good movies instead of reboots and sequels.