WH Spokesman Dances Around Question

The public has grown accustomed to government avoiding the question.  The politician, or spokesman, will continue to give their talking points as if that is enough.  Both Republicans and democrats will do this and neither is very truthful.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest was caught doing this exact thing when asked by Ed Henry about Democrat Senator Harry Reid’s comments on the border.  Recall, Reid stated the border is secure.  Henry asked Earnest if the White House thinks the border is secure.  His reply?

“The administration under the president’s leadership has dedicated significant resources to securing the border.”

He states several times that vast resources are going to the border.  But yet, with so many illegal children and others coming in, additional resources were needed.  Earnest says nothing about these resources being used to secure the border.

Of course then Earnest goes on and does what the White House always does, attack Republicans.

“Here’s what I would say to those Republicans who are concerned about border security. There is an historic investment in border security resources included in the bipartisan bill passed by the Senate. So those in the House who are concerned about border security should be the champions of common-sense immigration reform.”

This current administration cannot do anything without shifting blame somewhere else.  Its a slight surprise that Obama or some other aide has yet to bring up Bush as part of the problem.  Its easy to see the talking points Earnest uses, more resources at the border than ever before and blame Republicans.

Maybe part of the problem with democrat’s immigration bill is that its not funded, and doesn’t solve the long term problem.  I am waiting for the administration to back the border agents and let them do their job, which is to keep criminals, terrorists and other illegals out of this country, not allow them all in so democrats can give them amnesty.