FBI’s Poor Investigating of IRS

The targeting of conservative groups by the IRS, according to liberals, is nothing but a fantasy made up by the right.  If that is true, then any investigation would be easy to prove that point.  However, it appears things are not quite as convincing as the left likes to have us think.

The latest information is from the group True the Vote, one of the first groups targeted by the IRS.  They claim that no one from the FBI has interviewed them.  That statement sounds borderline impossible.  Any investigator would naturally interview the victim.  To not do so would mean the investigation does not even understand what happened.  Its like investigating a murder without looking at the body.

Recently Eric Holder made comments about the investigation and how professionals at the FBI were doing a good job.  He felt, as a result, no other investigation of the IRS was needed.  If that’s the case then the question is why has no one from the FBI talked with someone from True the Vote?

Naturally Catherine Engelbecht, President of True the Vote, stated this when asked if anyone in the organization has been interviewed:

“That would be exactly ‘no.’ Zero. at no time have they approached us. Only when they are investigating us. Only when they are being adversarial towards us do we ever hear anything from the Department of Justice. There has been no outreach to try and get to the bottom of the scandal at any time.”

A simple solution would be to ask the FBI if they have talked to anyone in the group, and if their interview could be reviewed.  However, any question like that might result in someone in the FBI having their e-mails lost due to a computer crash.

The more the left digs in over this, the more is appears something was going on.  Its time to figure out what that was so no other American citizen is targeted like this again.