Hard to believe 100 years ago the world was at war, one of the deadliest known to man.

What made it deadly was the fact the tactics had been unchanged for decades, even centuries, yet the technology of war had advanced.

World War 1, or the Great War as it was called then, saw many first in world combat, like the bombing of civilian targets from aircraft, both zeppelins and bombers.  Tanks first made their appearance during this war, along with the submarine.

True the submarine had been around for some 50 years, including a use in the US Civil War.  But in WW1 it was finally used in large numbers and secured the role for which it would become famous, commerce raiding.

If you were alive 100 years ago today, you would be listening to reports about what was going on at the front.  Trench warfare which ground down assaults, no-mans-land, and chemical weapons all of which were being used in the war.

At sea it was during this war that the aircraft carrier was developed, and first used as well.

Air forces were developed as well, along with aircraft tactics, many of which are still in use today by modern fighter pilots.

Yes, the world was vastly different than today.  The enemy was easier to recognize, the god guys stood up and the world was on the edge of change.

Does history repeat itself?  It might.  This time, do we know who the enemy is?