Colloge Campuses Gone Wild

Nope, this isn’t one of those X-rated things, though that actually has more intelligence behind it than what’s happening lately on college campuses.

The darlings of the educational system, the liberal students full of tolerance for the LGBT, and muslims are showing a different side lately during the election this year.   Its a side of ugliness and intolerance and misunderstanding which shows upon their education and the education system.

First we had the ‘Chalking’, a horrible and painful experience for the students when they saw written upon the sidewalks and walls something unspeakable to them.

“Trump 2016”

Those mere letters and numbers sent students to their safe zones and needing comfort at the inhumanity of it all.

Next it came a sweeping maelstrom of fear when a student spotted a man dressed in white and carrying a ‘whip’.  Students were earful a KKK member had crept onto their campus and was about to do who knows what.

It turns out the person dressed in white was a priest, and the ‘whip’, rosemary beads.

It really makes one wonder why one person didn’t walk up to him and ask him who he was and what he was doing there.  A simple, calm, question could ahve avoided all this panic.  But then again, students are taught to problem solve anymore.

Let’s not forget in a student council meeting a member of the student council was asked to resign merely because she raised her hand in disagreement and nodded her head, again showing disagreement with the current topic.  Those moves were so distressful to the person who saw them they asked for the student to be removed.  After all, there is a specific time for debate and showing any sign of disagreement after that can cause harm to others.

Last, recently a group of young Trump supporters tried to peacefully meet.  Alas, their meeting was anything but peaceful, but not because they were disruptive, but a group of young liberals once more who couldn’t bear the thought of someone else sporting a different opinion than them.

Here is that meeting:

Young liberals are showing time and time again they are anything but that tolerant group.  If you disagree with them, they will do everything they can to shut you up.