Trump Hate

There has been a lot of people rushing forward claiming that Trump is a racist.  Trump supporters are racist.  Trump is a hateful man and so are his supporters.

Yet, the group which appears the most hateful and violent, the anti-Trump group.

Trump and his family have received death threats from the tolerant left, and there have been calls already to assassinate Trump.  Very peace-loving by the left.  They even made an assassinate Trump facebook page.  Very tolerant.

Then again, this is the group which usually does the shootings, so they are already unstable.

Now the latest vile thing by the anti-Trump crowd is to place a Trump tombstone in Central Park.

Yeah, the left is so peace-loving.  Tell me again they are tolerant.

When will the left actually practice what they preach in being tolerant and actually listening to others who have a different point of view.