Peyton Manning

I am not a huge Peyton Manning fan.  I root against him all the time, unless he’s playing the Cowboys, then its a toss up.  But recently an accusation was brought up against him.

It appears that someone hinted that Manning used performance enhancing drugs when recuperating from his neck surgeries back in 2011.  The article came from the news source of Al-Jazeera.

Manning went on a heated interview which he was clearly pissed about the accusation.  After back problems of my own I know how much hard work it takes to recover, and Manning put a lot of time in.  For that I do respect him (though I’ll still root against him).

It turns out the man who was the source, has come out saying he lied.  A false news story which now many will actually believe and never see the fact the original source lied.

Manning has now indicated he might sue Al-Jazeera.  He should.  They printed a false, bogus report against him smearing his name.  It happens all the time in news reports and its time they suffer the consequences of their actions.

Manning worked too hard to be smeared this way, especially with such a shaky story.

Go Manning, on this one I’m rooting for you.