Fitness Tests Are There for A Reason

Have you heard of this latest report:

Female Firefighter Fails Physical Breaks Foot After 10 Days?

IF the story is actually true, or not, there is a lesson to be learned here.

Imagine this, your house is on fire, you are inside lying there unconscious due to smoke.  Do you want a firefighter who is fit, passed his (or hers) tests or that person who failed but still made it in due to some outside pressure to allow more ‘x’ type of people in?

You life is on the line, reality, not some game you can reset.

There are some jobs in this world where you must meet some physical, or mental, ability to perform.  Its called reality.

You’re going for brain surgery, do you want that professor with a PhD in English?  She/he is smart.  Or do you want the person who trained and studied medicine?

Its too bad that as a society we have no problem pushing for people who are unfit for a job to get that job.  Then we wonder why things are so messed up.  Perhaps if we came back to reality instead of the fantasy land we like to live in things would get better.

If you are not physically fit for a job, that is reality.  Reality will not care about your feelings, ego or pride.  If you can’t lift that firehose, you are not fit to be a firefighter.

Yes, it is that simple.