Liberals Wrong Again

Once more liberals have been shown to not be in the realm of reality when it comes to foreign policy.  Over the weekend radical terrorists rushed into hotels in Mali killing at random while yelling ‘Allahu akbar’.  It took hours before security forces and U.N. personal to arrive and end the horror.

Back in 2012 during the debate between Obama and Romney, Romney was ridiculed by even mentioning Mali during the debate.

“Mitt, you do know that most of America thinks Mali is one of Obama’s daughters, right?” – Bill Maher criticizing Romney even mentioning Mali.

Or this by Politico’s Roger Simon:

“And there is another problem with foreign policy, which Romney demonstrated when he twice mentioned Mali. Mali? Is Romney not aware that in an oft-quoted Roper poll sponsored by the National Geographic Society in 2006, 75 percent of American young people couldn’t find Israel on a map — which might be understandable considering it’s pretty small — but also that 50 percent couldn’t find Ohio? Or New York?”

Liberals were more concerned with where Mali was then what was going on there.  As a result they ridiculed and shamed Romney and Republicans without even knowing the truth.

Now, its shown that not only were liberals wrong, but Romney was right.

Its just too bad that at least 21 people have died, and the left still will be unwilling to even mention radical muslims who kill others.