Conspiracy Theories

I’m not one to believe in conspiracies, I know the secret to them.  Take some facts, twist them around, add in a bit of emotional connection and presto, a conspiracy.

What do I mean, the best and easiest way is to do the following.  I won’t lie, or anything else, but I will twist the truth and appeal to your emotional senses.

We need to ban DHMO, or dyhydrogenmonoxide, from our lives.  This is a dangerous compound which is in, and does the following:

  • DHMO kills thousands each year from accidental inhalation.
  • DHMO is used in nuclear power plants
  • DHMO is present in your baby’s bottle which you feed him/her.
  • DHMO in its solid form has been known to cause tissue damage.
  • DHMO in gas form has burned hundreds of people.
  • DHMO is a major component of acid rain, which is very destructive.

This is a partial list, and everything here is true, nothing is false but I presented the information in such a way to steer the reader to a conclusion to ban DHMO.

First off, what is DHMO, we know it commonly as water.  Now let’s look at the list.

  • Thousands dies each year from accidental drownings all over the world.
  • water is used as a coolant for nuclear power planets.
  • Of course water is present in your baby’s bottle.
  • Prolonged exposure to ice can cause frost bite.
  • A gas burn like this is more commonly called a steam burn, happens a lot in kitchens.
  • Without water you cannot have an acid.

I appealed to the sense of nuclear power, death, a child, and the environment all which were designed to evoke a small emotional response.

So next time you read a conspiracy, see for yourself about this truth and emotional response.