McDonalds in Taiwan

So browsing around in the news yesterday and ran across this article.

Customers Flock to See ‘McDonald’s Goddess’ Working at Taiwan Resturant

Seems as of Wei Han Xu has become something of an internet sensation.  Why not, she is good looking, and cute.  Probably get’s more customers this way, and according to the article they hire good looking girls to serve the counters and they can wear such outfits.

However if they tried this in the USA.  Oh boy, the liberals would be out in seconds.

They would be screaming about how she was being sexualized, and probably want the managers sued and the corporation to be fined.  They would also probably bring in war against women, evil corporations, and rich people.

To be sure I’m almost positive some on the far right would be upset as well.

We are a nation in which a school in Kentucky sent home a girl because of a ‘revealing’ outfit.  Guess I’ve been going to the mall too much, seen a lot more ‘revealing’ outfits there than I did on that girl.

In an age where we have to work to stand out, we can’t stand out like this otherwise the feminists and liberals get upset.