Replace Hamilton on the $10 Bill

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew came out saying they would replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill.  It seems he did not expect such a backlash from the public.

Like many other current public officials, he probably assumed the majority of the public is liberal and therefore wants to see a woman on a bill of currency.  Like any liberal, instead of making a new bill, or a poll, or something the public might actually like, he went ahead and made the decision.

What he learned, the vast majority of people are not liberal.  The public actually doesn’t like change, especially with things they use.  Do they not learn from MS, watching the outcry when they change the operating systems?

Lew thought that by replacing Hamilton with a woman, who is not yet know, he could get the liberals on board, much like the current Confederate battle flag stupidity.

Instead the media, and many others have gone the opposite way.  They are questioning Lew’s decision, and rightfully so.  It makes no sense to just change the bill to have a woman on it, which is what the general feeling is among people.

He probably could have changed the $2 bill and few people would have ever flinched.  Instead he went for a bill many people use and was shocked when people balked at his idea.