AL All-Star Voting

As of today, Tuesday June, 16, there are 8 Kansas City players voted in to the All star game.  Now I have no problem with the fans voting their team in, but it seems an odd that baseball’s first year of strictly on-line voting there is so many from one team.

I love the Houston Astros, and the Rangers to name a few, but I know of no team that all of their starters deserve, or should be voted to start the All-Star Game.  Its gotten so bad I’ve seen headlines calling the voting a Royal Joke.

It seems to me that someone, probably a couple of KC fans, set up a bot to spam the voting.

This will ruin voting for the starters for years to come because of a few idiots.

Because of these idiots the voting will probably be changed and few will like the new rules.  But that’s all it takes, a few idiots to ruin it for the rest of us.

Worst case, the government becomes involved.  Then we’re really screwed.