Supporters 12 Reasons Why Obama is Great

Ran across this article ’12 Reasons Supporters Claim Obama is One of the Best Presidents in History’.  Quite honestly it reads like someone is ignoring the facts.

It was painfully obvious that the person writing the article could never criticize the President and probably confuses criticism with hate and racism.  (You will never find me saying I hate the President, I do not know him, never met him, but I can, and will criticize what he does.  Two different things).

Let’s look at what’s he’s done:

Makes Politics Interesting

I was not aware that this was a requirement for being one of the best President’s ever.  But his pop icon status among the younger voters has diminished due to his actions, so was he successful, not really.

Pushes for Civil Rights

Lots of people do that everyday, both liberal and conservative.  Has he been successful, well the issue of race in the recent shootings and now the anti-cop venom from the left would say no he has not been successful.  In fact one could argue he’s managed to fan the flames of racism, not help end racism.

He Cares About the Environment

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t care about the environment.  In fact the ones most caring were actually oil people and conservatives.  I’ve been waiting for green energy for 30+ years now.

He is for Peace and Equality

No, he doesn’t care about peace, or equality.  His actions on foreign policy have shown this.  He never considered terror groups like ISIS a threat to people until they were killing hundreds, or thousands of people because they don’t believe in the same religion.  Instead, Obama ignored this part, and them making things worse.  He has also show a quickness to blame cops, whites and others while ignoring other race problems.

He Brought Healthcare to the Masses

No, it was always available to the masses.  The problem was never about availability but expenses.  Now people have to buy it or they are fined/taxed if they do not.  Obamacare is a poorly designed bill which will never fulfill its promises.

He Represents the Middle Class

No, again, there is no politician who does.  If he truly did then why has he saddle the middle class with Obamacare, with higher gas prices, and not supporting cops and troops who help provide protection to the middle class.

He Supports the Troops

If this is the case then why is moral among the troops dropping?  Why do they not support him?  The truth is Obama is a typical liberal who hates the military and would like nothing more than to see it disbanded.

He Cares About the Future

If he truly cared about the future he would be looking beyond the polls.  He, like Clinton is a poll President.  If his numbers slip too much he tries to do something to raise them while ignoring what the others think.  And if he was forward looking, he’d realize that granting amnesty for illegals will not solve the problem.

He has Narrowed the Barriers for Future Candidates

This gap has been narrowing for decades.  This narrowing has more to do with the overall society and nothing to do with him.  The media hand picked him and pushed him deliberately ignoring anything which might hurt his public personality.

He Continually Pushes Woman’s Rights

He pushes some things, yet in his own administration women are still not paid equally.  So he is doing as most leaders, do as I say, not as I do.  If he was great and one of the best, he would lead by actions, which he has failed to do here.

He Joins Politics with Current Affairs

This is something every President has done.  However, the problem here is Obama has taken too long to make a decision.  In Syria, when gas was used he had to have Russia step in to help him.  ISIS is another disaster which was foreseen by some, and he ignored.  If its not a crisis he does nothing.

He Represents the People

No, Obama is a politician.  They all serve the rich, in Obama’s case its people like Buffett and Soros and Oprah.  He is not a person of the people, if so he would be working to help improve the conditions of the poor, not adding an additional 5-10 million illegals in an economy which is still struggling among the blacks.  He only cares about winning voters, not the people.

Overall the article was very vague, gave no facts, and was all opinion.  (Much like my replies, opinion, but then again, I have free speech despite the fact liberals don’t like that).