Police Killers

A couple of days ago there was news that two New York cops were killed.  What you won’t hear is that neither cop was white.  There is no cry for racism, or tears from the left.

In fact, this is exactly what the left has been hoping for.  They have been crying out for the death of cops such as here and here.

Everyone of these people who made this cry is responsible for the death of these two cops.  They push to kill a cop never realizing what they are saying.

None of these idiots screaming for dead cops are willing to step forward to prevent crime.  They are not willing to step forward and risk their lives for someone in trouble.

Perhaps if these idiots who chant kill cops spent some time in a cops shoes they would understand the reality.  They would know they put their lives on the line every time they put on a uniform.  And the thanks they receive is all negative.

If liberals really wanted to change the relationships between cops and society, they would realize chants would not be the way to do it.  The left is always saying no bloodshed, no war, no guns, yet they embrace killing cops.

Its time for the left to stand up for what they truly believe, peace, or death.