Real Heroes

Browsing through twitter yesterday I cam across the political gauntlet of things.  Ferguson, New York, racial baiting all over the place.  People screaming bout how bad the police are, some even calling for violence against cops.

Then I saw a picture which changed my thinking yesterday.  It touched me more than any protest picture from any news organization in a while.


It comes from a group called the 501st Legion: Vader’s Fist.

Now, I checked their site, couldn’t find what was actually going on in the picture, but its not hard to image that this child is probably undergoing treatment for cancer.  This guy (assuming its a guy in the Stormtrooper uniform) dressed up in a silly costume he made, and in doing so, made that kids day.

Perhaps if more of us did this instead of destroying things when we don’t get our way the world would be a better place.

Considering giving time and/or money to help groups like this help out children who need our help. Become a hero.