Free Speech Only For Me

Lately with all the unrest going on in places like Ferguson and New York the left has once more gone to their typical free-speech, but only if you agree with them.

In both anyone who dares come out with an opposite view is shouted down and called first off a racist.  Even if facts support the person’s view, the left does not wish to hear it, and respond with slurs and name-calling.

Take a look at the slogans protesters have used at Ferguson.

First up, the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ thing.  Its been debunked by multiple eyewitness and the autopsy.  In an interesting twist, five St. Louis Rams players mimed it and the NFL got some heat over it, yet did nothing.  What is interesting is the same people defending the players are after the NFL over the Redskins name.

Hands up is okay because the left supports it while the Redskins is bad because the left is against it.

Next is the slogan ‘black lives matter’ or such variants.

All life matters, but when expanded suddenly the left becomes quiet and defensive.  Like what about those blacks killed by other blacks?  Or what about black babies which are aborted.  Do their lives not matter?

Not according to the left, its only when it comes to law enforcement, otherwise the left doesn’t care.  You see, it doesn’t fit their narrative.

What does it mean?

The left wants a race war, for what reason boggles the mind.  Then again the left seems so full of hate for everyone who doesn’t believe what they believe, from race to religion.