Wendy Davis Ad

Wendy Davis, the democratic party nominee for Texas Governor appears to have struck a wrong note with many people, including other liberals with her latest political ad.  The ad which tries to attack the Republican nominee, Greg Abbott.

Even MSNBC Miki Brzezinski of ‘Morning Joe’ , had this to say about the ad. “Everything from the production of it to the looming voice, to the issues. This is not what her brand is turning out to be. She should be appealing to women and she should be inspiring them and having a positive message, and — yikes, I cringed watching that.”

The wheelchair in the ad is very poorly done especially considering that her opponent, Abbott, is a paraplegic.  To many, the use of the wheelchair is an attack on people who have a handicap like Abbott.  Some might even say its an attack on how a person with handicaps cannot serve office.

Wendy Davis came into national attention when she had her fifteen minutes of fame filibustering a Texas abortion law.  Indeed, that very act is what sent her into national spotlight, and made many in the democratic party willing to push her into the nomination for Governor without checking out her credentials.

It was that rush to push Davis which is why she is now behind in the polls.  When will democrats learn to look beyond that fifteen minutes of fame and look at a candidates’ credentials.   If they had, we might not have leaders like Obama.