Liberals Attack Maher Again over Islam

Last Friday Bill Maher once again went against the standing liberal talking points when it comes to islam.  He once more went after liberals for their lack of knowledge of radical islam.

On the other side this time was a liberal actor, Ben Affleck.  Maher did not let up, and indeed stated the following:

“It’s the only religion that acts like the mafia,” he said. “That will f***ing kill you if you say the wrong thing, paint the wrong picture or write the wrong book.”

Of course, Affleck, like all liberals have to turn the conversation from what is really happening to blaming the USA.  He does this by stating that the USA has killed more muslims than muslims have killed US citizens.  He also brought up stereotyping and racism.  To this charge Maher replied to the accusation.

“I can show you a Pew polls of Egyptians, they are not outliers in the Muslim world, that [says] 90% of them believe death is the appropriate response to leaving the religion.  If 90% of Brazilians thought that death was the appropriate response to leaving Catholicism, you would think it was a bigger deal.”

Of course at this another liberal also brought up the fact that Maher was being racist for suggesting such criticism.  Maher, which having called others racist without proof, responded with a fact “because they’re a minority, we shouldn’t criticize”.

Maher has a point, but to a liberal because radical muslims are considered a minority group.  As a minority group, to a liberal, they cannot be criticized and everything can be faulted to the white Christian groups.

When will liberals wake up to the mistake they are making?