Ebola is in the USA

So the first confirmed case of Ebola has shown up here in the USA.  The question now becomes how does the medical and government communities react to prevent it from spreading to more people.

With such a virus spreading though places in Africa, it would be assumed that travel restrictions might be in place.  Hospitals and staff might be concerned with people who show symptoms of the disease, especially if they come from such areas.

Instead, we learn that the opposite has happened.  Travel is not being restricted, and hospitals treated the patient and let him go the first time.  Government officials are dropping the ball on a very deadly situation that can arise, and why?

One possible answer comes from a recent push by democrats.  They are looking to push amnesty for illegal aliens.  This push is to the point where they refuse to close any boarders, for any threat no matter how big.

Recently Pelosi berated a reporter for saying illegal aliens, and Obama made a plea to Hispanics in the country to push to change the attitude of the citizens of the USA.

Perhaps democrats should start paying attention to threats they are allowing in instead of trying to push amnesty which does not solve the immigration problem.