Joe Scarborough Does it Again

Last week Joe Scarborough came to the defense of President Obama in his speech on ISIS.  Well, old Joe has opened his mouth once more, and the poison he spew is as bad as it was last week.

This week he’s comparing the Ferguson police department to apartheid.  Yes, you read that correctly, the situation in Ferguson is akin to what happened in South Africa.  He goes on a rant about the partnership between the police and the citizens of Ferguson, especially the black community.

 “When you get a place where there are 50 white cops out of 53 and only 3 black cops in a community that is overwhelmingly black, that’s not community policing,” Joe said.  “That sounds more like apartheid in South Africa in this small town.”

He then goes on to say there is a culture problem.  You are correct Joe, but perhaps its not a problem with whites, as you want it to be, but on the culture of blacks in this town.

Before Joe compared Ferguson’s police force to apartheid in South Africa, he might have done some research.  Like how many black applied to be a police officer?  Or how many passed the test to become a police officer?  After all, you do want that cop to be able to read and know the laws.  He might also look at the how black society looks upon those who become cops?

It is truly sad that Joe talks about overreacting by the police to the riots, yet he goes and does the same thing with this poor comparison.  He claims to be a journalist, perhaps he should do some research before opening his mouth.