Vatican’s Message to Muslim Leaders

One of the most serious problems of the Islamic faith is coming out.  The lack of a strong, central leadership among its many, and varied, worshippers.  It is that fluidness which allows so many to take advantage of the religion.

Recently in a strongly worded message to muslim leaders, the Vatican issued a challenge.  Condemn the actions going on by those using Islam in such a way.  Groups like IS, and hamas who use the religion for their own power grabs.  Groups like IS have become known for their cruelty, ranging from executions on a mass scale, beheading children and burying people alive.

As a result, the Vatican gave the following message: “No cause, and certainly no religion, can justify such barbarity.”

The message continues.

“All must be unanimous in condemning unequivocally these crimes and in denouncing the use of religion to justify them,” it said. “If not, what credibility will religions, their followers and their leaders have?”

Now the biggest problem with the muslim religion.  Those who come out to denounce such groups, are rarely heard.  Even those who do denounce, seem to fumble in their words, a bit like they do not wish to actually criticize someone else in their religion.  One such example was a woman who said she would, and went on Hannity.

The hesitant way other muslims are reluctant to criticize radicals is not a way to impress to others that muslims do not stand with the radicals.  In fact, as the Vatican said, if the leaders do not rise up their religion will lose what little credibility they have.