Changing Food in Schools for Worse

Remember in years gone past, having a bake sale at school?  Or how about selling candy bars to raise money for a school trip for the band, or your school sports team?

Chances are the older you are, the more likely you are to remember something like this.  I even remember going door to door to sell candy bars, which I disliked.  I do recall buying a candy bar from members of the band during fifth and sixth period class.

However, under democratic leadership, things have changed in our schools.  Gone are the yonder days of old, where coke machines were all over campus, and the local cafeteria had sweets and other goodies that kids actually ate.

No, now with Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ campaign to get kids to eat healthier, many things at our children’s schools have gotten not better, but worse.  Kids snap pictures of even less appetizing plates of food from the cafeteria.  Many workers report kids tossing the food away.

And now, in some schools, those same bake sales and selling to raise money are to be eliminated as well.  Why?  They dare to sell sweets to kids.  Now, schools have a limited number of times they can sell food which doesn’t have a nutrition content printed on the package.

The problem schools will need to do one of two things.  Cancel events which kids enjoy going to, or the local and state funding will have to spend more to cover the costs.

So, Michelle Obama, I wish to thank you for screwing up programs for our kids with your insane movement which is failing fast.  Perhaps you should start eating what these kids are eating.  After all, if its good enough for them, it should be good enough for you.

If you are serious about fighting obesity, then bring back recess, PE encourage kids to play outdoors, and help communities provide safe areas kids can play in.