Sports and PC

Sports these days are becoming increasingly more and more ‘politically correct’ and infected by the SJW crowd.  This isn’t a good thing.

There were two incidents just recently which occurred that had me questioning things.

First off, this morning I read an article about the Detroit Tigers who fired one of the coaching staff.  Why?  It seems he made a racist remark.  In the article I found nothing which said what this coach had said.

I went to a few more articles and still found nothing specific, only vague comments of a comment this coach made.  I even read where the Tigers were not sure what he said.

This struck me as odd.  The Tigers organization wasn’t sure what he said, but because it even hinted at being racist the coach was fired.  That’s where we are in today’s society.  If you even mention something which someone can take out of context you are racist.

Speculation is never good and only increase fear in the workplace and doesn’t make it so groups of different color wish to work with other racial groups.  This is a dividing point of a team, which in order to win must work together.

The second bit of news involved basketball and the San Antonio Spurs.  They announced they will have a female assistant who will be on the sidelines at games.  A first for the NBA.

No, that’s not what got to me, it was the next part, the reaction bit.

Players met this bit of news with praise.  I thought to myself, of course they would.  Any player who didn’t would be branded as sexist and the SJW crowd would be unleashed upon him.  So the team actually doesn’t know, or at least the public, how the players really feel.

I would be amazed if every player on the team and in the league are all happy about it.

But you have a bullying of the left into silencing another person’s thoughts.  And if those thoughts do not agree with the narrow leftist thinking you will be in trouble.

These attitudes are just more examples of how the left is increasingly trying to control how you can act, think, and even speak.