I was watching some videos about Colin Kaepernick and reading through the comments when something struck me, an observation if you will.

A person is racist if they do not support Kap.

Think about that statement.  A person is racist if they don’t support Kap.  They are saying it doesn’t matter who you support, what color that person is, if you don’t support the person they want you to, you are racist.

I got to thinking and have seen this type of behavior among the left-wing now for some time.

Look at Obama, if you didn’t support him, you were racist.  And the last election.  My guy was Ben Carson, but he was viciously attacked by these same ‘tolerant’ and respectful of color left wingers.  It wasn’t the guy (or gal) they wanted so race no longer mattered.

It doesn’t matter how many blacks you support, its all about which black person you support to the left.  Don’t support the right one, and you are racist.

A sad statement for the left which preaches tolerance, yet show time and again how intolerant they are.