Anti-Trump Protesters

(Warning, language)

Watching the news and videos and other sources and what do I see once again?


People going around causing violence at a Trump rally.  Yep, I am talking about the Anti-Trump crowd.

I have steered clear of endorsing any candidate, but what these asses are doing can only be described as deplorable.  They go out of the way to cause civil unrest at what would have been a peaceful gathering.


The reason is simple.  Liberals absolutely hate the fact Trump doesn’t conform to what they want.  As a result they are employing the only tactic they know.  Its not actually debating, its shouting loud enough and causing unrest and disruption regardless of what else it might bring.

Yes, liberal assholes here have no clue what they are actually protesting.  Most go off what they have been told.  Trump is a racist.  Funny, right up until he actually seemed to be winning the GOP candidacy no democrat, or liberal, had ever stated he was racist.

So what changed.

Simple, he is running against Clinton and stands a good chance of beating her.  Hillary, the one the democrat elite have been pushing for the last eight years for the next President.

Trump is winning despite these idiot protesters, and in fact he seems to gain strength whenever these idiots do this.


Simple, there are no other candidates.  Cruz was a far right tool by the GOP.

Sanders is a tool by democrats to make it appear that Hillary is the far gone winner, someone who was suppose to easily win the Democratic nomination (backfired a bit, didn’t it).

No one put forth a respectable candidate for President.  So to stop him, instead of actually debating him or putting forth a candidate people might actually like, these fucking protesters go forth and show their inability to be human at all.  They hide their faces, spit on people, block traffic and worse.

What’s this getting?

More support for Trump.

Sorry, but you Anti-Trump fuckers are insane for doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Sure, in the past these tactics have worked, but this time, they are facing a different, and larger, more organized opposition which these dumb, idiotic tactics won’t work against.

I would say for them to use their brain, but that would require they have one in the first place.