Syrian Refugees

Recently Obama made an announcement that he wants to bring even more Syrian refugees into the US.  This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Its a huge threat to national security regardless what liberals will tell you.


The majority of these ‘refugees’ are muslim.  Now its already being noticed how in other countries which have accepted these refugees crime has gone up.  But let’s set that aside.

So far 76,000 have been located into the US with a current limit of 10,000 per year.  Obama wishes to increase that, with some reports saying as high as 200,000.

Now the left would have you believe that all of these muslims are peaceful.  Yet estimates put the rate of radical muslims at 5-15% of all muslims.  If you apply that number here, you have between 3800 and 11,400 radical muslims already in due to the previous influx of refugees.

Obama wishes to add up to 10,000 to 30,000 more without doing any checking on them and giving them welfare.

Its sad the left are so willing to accept these people who are known to have large problems, unwilling to integrate into Western society and bring with them their own laws yet have a problem with North Carolina and a bathroom law.

in reality, such a move is not wise, but a liberal will never understand.