The youth of today don’t know what Socialism is.  They hear about how great it is, and that’s the lure.  It sounds great.  Equality for all.

However the truth is much harder, stark and depressing.

A professor I back about 1990 or so, was from Poland.  He told us a story of the first time his mom was finally able to see him in the US.

He went, picked her up, emotional, after all he hadn’t seen her in years.  On the way back from the airport he realized he needed some beer, and stopped at a gas station to pick some up.  His mother came in and stood there, amazed.  She had never seen so much food in one place before in her life.

This wasn’t even a Safeway, HEB, or large grocery store like that.

That is the difference between socialism and capitalism which the youth do not understand.  They think it can’t happen to a modern country.

Look at Venezuela.  A beautiful country ruined by true Socialism.