Clinton E-Mails

After so much time and liberals say over and over again that the e-mails don’t matter suddenly its discovered that at least 20 such e-mails are so sensitive they cannot be released.  In fact, the FBI agents doing the reading have to be cleared just to read them.

Yet, liberals continued to defend Hillary.

They don’t care what she did.  They would rather have this lying woman as President than a Republican in office, that is how great their hatred of the right goes.

Remember, this is the same woman who said:

“I did not send or receive classified emails on that server.”

Really, then why did they find highly classified e-mails on it?

Think about this hard.  Hillary has repeatedly said, and liberals have repeated what she said, that there was no classified material on her server or e-mails.  If that’s the case, then why did the FBI investigators need clearance, and why are 20+ e-mails considered ‘Top Secret”?

The sad part is, none of this matters to the left, who would be on a witch hunt if this was a Republican.  All this has done is shown the hypocrisy of the left when dealing with secretive information and their candidate for President.

Donald Trump recently said he could shoot someone and it wouldn’t effect his numbers.  I think the real person it wouldn’t effect is Hillary Clinton.  She isn’t effected by much at the moment, and the sheep still stand by her.