Illegal Immigration Out of Control

An old saying goes like this, ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’.  This is exactly what American citizens are dealing with regarding the current immigration crisis.  A deliberately created crisis by liberals to force their agenda on everyone in the country.

What is their agenda?  Simple, amnesty.

Yep, amnesty, that’s it.  They have no back up plan, no plan to shore up the border, no plan to prevent new illegals from entering the country, and no plan to even try to stop it.

Sure the leaders of the democratic party make it sound like they are concerned, while forbidding members of congress, the press, or anyone else from talking, taking pictures of otherwise showing the conditions of the camps.  They tightly control what information is coming out of such camps, including giving ‘tours’.  Its also about power, the democratic leadership knows these illegals will overwhelmingly vote for them, so they can tighten their control over the government.

Let’s return to the amnesty part.  Democrats seem content to go down the same worn path which has failed to solve our immigration problems.  They forget that Republicans already had supported such bills, like the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which was introduced by Alan K. Simpson, a Republican, and signed by Reagan, another Republican.

Yet here we are 28 years later, and still have a problem.  Even if we give illegals amnesty, the left will continue to do nothing about the problem because they don’t care to solve it, even as it drags down the country.

Its time to stop the insanity.