Imagine this, an Asian journalist who reports are is gay, is attacked by a group of hooded, masked white, young males.  The police do not do anything and others defend the actions of the group by saying he deserved it.

Go back decades and this sounds straight out something we hear about from the Deep South and groups like the KKK.  But this isn’t the early 1900s, this was just this past weekend.  Did you hear about this attack?  It has all the narratives that the left loves, white males attacking a minority, and a gay at that.

Alas, you will not because the Asian was Andy Ngo, a conservative, and the group doing the attacking was the leftist group Antifa not some ‘right-wing’ white supremacist group.

A quick look at several mainstream news sites online indicated no articles at all about this attack.  Yet we can rest assured if the political parties were reversed it would be mainstream headlines.  So it begs the question, if antifa isn’t associate with democrats, as many on the left say, why defend antifa?

That’s simple, antifa is a group on the left.  And honestly, they remind me more of the SS of the Nazi party of the 1930s Germany than they do a peaceful protest group.

No surprise, when one of their main goals is to get rid of the USA.  And by democrats and the media not coming out against them only shows how deep their hatred of this country is.