Social Media Censorship

There has been a lot here, so I’ll give my brief opinion on this one.

Are social media giants censoring conservative voices?  Yes.

There is no doubt here.  Over the past few months there has been a lot of information out here about this.  One of the most damning was actually done by a guy named Tim Pool when he was on a YouTube broadcast of Seth Rogan with the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey and a lawyer, Vijaya Gadde.

In a back and forth, which Tim brought up some interesting points the response by the Twitter folks differed widely.

What became clear, if one listened, was when it was a conservative voice, or a voice which the far-left doesn’t like Twitter’s response was to outright ban.  In this case they were talking about tweets like #learntocode, and such which were subject to censorship right away.  Yet if the tweet had a left leaning and followed the far left’s narrative then Twitter’s response was, we need to take it into context with the entire conversation.

It was sad to see this hypocrisy.  A far left tweet needs context while a right leaning is automatic hate speech.

Then there is YouTube themselves, a Google company, which is outright banning and deleting YT channels of conservative voices.  Many times for no reason other than they are conservative.

They started with small channels, before removing Alex Jones’ Infowars.  A channel I never watched, but having it censored and the joy from the left indicated they are in favor of such censorship no matter where it leads.  After that outcry they changed tactics and decided to demonetize videos.

In their zeal they demonetized many channels and YTers scrambled to find other means to earn money from their videos.  These people included many who were not political but have since become political.  They rushed to a company called Patreon, which then found itself under attack as well and also banned conservatives.

Other YTers fearing the same also left.

Yet, YouTube hasn’t stopped.  In recent weeks videos of non-politics were hit.  One video talking about history of a warship was demonetized, probably for including the word Nazi while talking about D-Day.

Censorship is becoming more and more rampant on the social media platforms.  There was a recent statement that some will do anything and side with anything to make sure Trump isn’t re-elected.  Those people do not understand the evil they are inviting in.

The left’s common reply is, build your own if you don’t like it.

Well, the right has tried, but each time the left relentlessly attacks it using their firm partnership with large tech giants to squash any competition.  People tried with Gab, and now a new Twitter replacement, Parler.  People are going there and the left, once more using their influence, has Apple Computers threaten the company with censorship or be removed from iPhones.

The left doesn’t want competition, in either technology, social media, and especially not with their narrative.  However, more and more and waking up to the censorship and asking questions.  If only the mainstream media would, but that’s a pipedream.