Where Does It End?

Several years ago, shortly after the church shooting where the shooter had a Confederate flag the far left went on a ban the flag campaign.  I asked a simple question back then, where does it end?

A friend replied with its only about banning the sale of the Confederate flag on Amazon.  I scoffed, but didn’t say anything knowing it wouldn’t end there.  My friend’s reply has been anything but right, and only proves the point give an inch and they take a mile.

Since that comment there have been Confederate flag removals in museums, Confederate statues torn down and many schools have been renamed simply because the person was part of the Confederacy.  But it didn’t stop there at all.

The left, in their never-ending push for victim-hood, found new things to go after and ban.  They claim each one is the last one, at least until they get what they want and then move on to the next thing to censor or ban.

Take the Confederate flag, it was just off Amazon.  But once that was done they moved on to other areas where it was found.  They even got it taken off the General Lee of the Dukes of Hazard!  A symbol of rebellion against the machine and now only seen as racist.  Some even consider the show racist simply because it was on a car.

They then moved onto statues of anything related to the Confederacy.  Tearing down many which had stood for decades or longer simply due to the link to the Civil war, and to the left anything related to the confederacy is all about slavery and must be banned/censored.  Even schools if their name were

Then the left continued to move forward.  They targeted the Founding Fathers.  Simply because some owned slaves, it means they must be banned and censored.  In this case, eased from history.  With this action the left has gone to banning and censoring anything even related to this.

So I ask the question, where does it stop?  I ask because it doesn’t show signs of slowing down, but speeding up.