Media Problems

So far, 2019 is not yet two months old, we are about 50 days into the new year and already there has been a lot going on in the world of media and journalists.  Let’s look at three of the biggest stories against the leftist media.

Let’s start with the whole release of journalists from several online news organizations.  This turned into a huge problem for the journalists and showed their lack of understanding of others with the whole ‘learn to code’ fiasco.

Rewind a couple of years ago and you had coal minders having problems, laid off and the industry hurting.  What was the journalists’ reply, writing many articles on how they could learn to code, or in other words, learning a new skill which wasn’t mining.

Back to present day and journalists were laid off as companies struggled to maintain profits in a world where more and more readers view journalists as completely biased in their reporting.  Its really no surprise when people started telling them ‘learn to code’ back at them.  How did these leftist journalists reply?  They went to Twitter and other social media platforms to complain how this was hate speech.

Yes, hate speech.  In other words these same journalists which were giving miners ‘friendly’ advice couldn’t handle it when those same words were told back to them.

The next two are related in that it shows how the media is quick to run with a leftist narrative.  First off, a recent story about how the media quickly backed an actor, Jussie Smollett.  He claimed to have been attacked by two people wearing MAGA hats.

Because it fit with the narrative leftist journalists have they ran with the story without doing any real fact-checking.    It was pushed as a hate crime by Trump supporters.  However things started to unravel almost right away as more level-headed people started to ask the questions these journalists should have.

Now the media is looking quite foolish in their rush to judgement, and some even still refuse to acknowledge it.  Many others are hoping that Smollett didn’t pay two black men to attack him out of fear of what it might do to their political narrative.  Not justice, but their narrative.

Last could be the most damaging of them all.

When a picture of a teen in a MAGA hat appeared with a ‘smirk’ on his face standing off against a elderly Native American the media never bothered to look at what happened.  They had their narrative wrapped up, a racist MAGA, white teen getting up into the face of a minority victim Native American.

That narrative was once more proven quite false, and video shows the opposite happened and a lot more.  The problem is the media had gone out of their way to demonize that teen, and the others with him.  It approached the point people were being whipped into a frenzy by the media elites.

The problem is being a false narrative had now led to the family of the teen hiring a lawyer to sue the news organizations (along with several others).

This could have far reaching effects if they win (and personally I hope they do).  It could force the media to once more back away from their biases and look more at the facts and present it to the readers/viewers and allow us to decide once more.

Makes me wonder what the next media flub will be.