Captain Marvel

First off, I have had no desire to see this move.  It has nothing to do with the actress, sexism or racism.  I’m just sick of superhero movies and haven’t seen one in about five years.

That said, I have been watching this train-wreck of a PR disaster for a while now.

It starts off with Brie Larson spouting off.  Insulting your viewers before a movie is even out isn’t a way to generate revenue for the film.  It makes me wonder if people understand if their comments have consequences.  Of course, they fall back on the old reliable talking point if you critique you’re some sort of ist/ism, and if you don’t see it you are some sort of ist/ism.

It really reminds me of recent Star Wars movies, The Last Jedi and the Solo movie.  There was a fight between some fans and the company and the company was shocked when people didn’t show up to watch the last Star Wars film.  You insulted the fan base and didn’t expect a pushback?

Same with a recent game, Battlefield V.  They came out and told people who were criticizing it that if they didn’t like it don’t buy it.  Well, they didn’t buy it and suddenly the company was scrambling.

Same thing is happening here.  Another war between fans and people in the movie.  Again it same out that in essence if one doesn’t like it, its not for them.  So when the movie appeared on Rotten Tomatoes things took an interesting turn when people started to vote on the poll on wanting to go see it.

The percentage of people wanting to see the movie dropped, big time.  It went from somewhere in the 60s and dropped down through the 50% and was below 30% to around 26% before Rotten Tomatoes took action.

What action was this?

The website decided that the poll of wanting to see the movie would be dropped.  They claimed it due to people being confused, between wanting to see and actually movie goer scores.

But the timing is too much of a consequence.  I despise conspiracies, yet one must admit the timing here isn’t doing much to dis-sway thoughts about it being some sort of conspiracy.   And the news blurb they posted on the site didn’t do much to deflect attention away.  If anything all it did was add fuel to the fire.

Now you have a new development in the past couple of days.  Samuel L Jackson, in an interview, took the bait and likened Trump to a plantation owner.  Honestly not the way to fix the problems with the movie.  Let’s go out and insult half of the potential audience.

Seriously are these people living under rocks?  Or are they living in such a tiny bubble all they hear is everyone must hate Trump?

In all honest, can we stop talking politics and start making better movies and games?  And please, can we stop insulting have the audience for these movies and games and then act all shocked when it bombs.