Swapping Roles

Not long ago a single picture sent the left into an unbridled rage.  What was in the picture which was so bad?  A kid in a MAGA hat smiling at a Native America beating a drum in his face.

See, it had a white kid wearing a MAGA hat which was code to the left for racist and we all know the Native is a victim.

But the left had the facts wrong, not that it mattered to them.  They saw what they wished to see.

But what if you change things up, take the following picture:

This picture, intentionally cropped, shows a bald woman facing off against a African-American, the bearded man on the right.

If one looks at the picture, the woman looks like a typical skinhead racist.  in fact, in the video she is shouting at him, jumping up and down, and getting in his face.

Such actions are clearly racist.

But it gets even worse, she makes the comment that we should ‘pay attention to fear and not logic’.  That’s a very backwards type of logic and how a person can make a lot of mistakes.

What an obviously far-right statement, after all, the far-right doesn’t believe in science.  They are obviously racist.  And look at the picture, she even looks menacing, like a typical skinhead ready to attack a person of color.

Now, the reality is very different, much like the kid in the MAGA hat.

This woman is a far leftist, probably a feminist.  And the guy she is talking to is an African-American wearing a MAGA hat.

She does tell him he should ‘pay attention to fear and not logic’.  That part is not made up.  But see how a picture, carefully cropped and with some manipulation can make you think a different way.

Next time you see a media picture, ask yourself, what else is going on.

Here is a minute of the exchange: