All or Some

Ever had an argument with someone on the left and done this:

Me: We need to be wary of radical Islamic terrorist.

Lefty: You’re islamophobic, you are aware that not all muslims are terrorists.

It leave me going, huh?  What just happened?  I’m sure you’ve seen it as well.

We seem to have an ability to change the meaning of certain words to fit out limited, narrow minded view and put down someone else.  One such word is a difference between some of a group, and all of a group.

Radical muslims must mean all muslims just like illegal immigrants means all immigrants.

No, its not, unless the left is saying all muslims are radicals, and all immigrants are illegal?  I don’t know anyone on the right who thinks this way about these two groups.

I actually tried one day to ask a lefty about this, didn’t get an answer but was insulted and told I was racist.  Yeah, there was a good comeback.

But look at the definitions:

Some: used to refer to someone or something that is unknown or unspecified

All: used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing

They are not the same and mean two different amounts.  I really wish people would stop translating some as all.  They might actually see the real dangers.