Sunday Thoughts

Its Sunday morning and thought I give a few thoughts and observations on things in general.

First off, I am Christian, well, technically I’m Lutheran which is a sub-sect of Christianity.  That means I’m not Catholic, and there are slight differences, but we still all believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God, celebrate Christmas and Easter.

Next thought was racism.

Watching a lot of videos of Colin Kaepernick and reading comments its amazing how many view it as racism.  It led me to thinking a bit, have we, as a country gotten better or worse.  Short answer, it appears worse.

Its really telling that in the past eight plus years now, we’ve gone from telling someone he, or she, is racist if they don’t support the President to they are racist if they support the President, all due to which side controls the office.

Last, hockey, yes I’m a big hockey fan and watching this years Pacific division is quite exciting.  Currently its a three way tie for first, and the Calgary Flames are only three points behind them.  Only a week or two ago it appeared the top spot was all but locked, but now, no one knows.

Looking forward to the playoffs, and hoping a Canadian team wins for a change.  But until then, anything can happen.

So, happy Sunday and God bless.