Orlando Shooting Thoughts

The tragedy of the Orlando shooting should also be a wake up call to all Americans.  Instead we find the same, tiring rhetoric by the left.  We need to ban guns.

But I have come away with three things which struck me.

First, the moment the religion of islam was associated with the attack it was almost a given that liberals and democrats would avoid the name or any tie to the religion.  The shooter called 911 and informed them he was doing this for isis and isis has claimed responsibility.  Radical islamic terrorists were responsible no matter how liberals spin this story.

Second, the hypocrisy from the left over such things.  Recall not long ago there was a young man who shot up a church.  In a picture on Facebook he was photographed with the Civil War Confederate Army flag.  What did liberals do?

They went on a banning spree against the flag.  It was hateful, racist, and hurtful to people.  They are still going after the flag, and after anything which might have a connection to the Confederacy.  This person was part of isis and the left is silent over it, even going to great lengths to avoid saying it.

And third, we have a problem with current society.  A single shooter, walked into a bar and shot, killing or wounding, over 100 people.

100 against 1!

Think about that, one hundred people and no one stood up to defend themselves?  In fact texts from a man inside the club to his mother shows the attitude of those inside.  They ran, hide, and waited for the police to show up.

No one stepped forward to take down the shooter?

Then again, that is a liberal attitude.  They wait for the authority to come save them.

Imagine this happening in a bar in Texas?  Don’t think so, he’d have been gunned down quickly.  Of course he knew he was going into a ‘gun-free’ zone so people wouldn’t be able to defend themselves.  But that’s what the left wants, you unable to defend yourself.

Its ironic, the left, the same people who wait for the police to show up and save them, are the same group who the left ridicules with groups like ‘BlackLivesMatters’.  The groups who hate cops, yet they wait to be saved by these same people.

This should be a wake up call to the left, but they will use this to focus on one thing, gun control.