With the recent measles outbreak it makes one wonder why parents are not vaccinating their children.  When enough of the children are vaccinated it makes it harder for measles and other such illness to spread.

What’s happened is a bit of misinformation by some.  There are rumors that vaccinations cause such things as autism or more.

Now, my only concern is those pushing vaccines are doing it wrong.  They go out and blame, and try the wrong tactic.

Instead, perhaps they should go with information.  No medicine or medical procedure is without risk.  We must be informative about any medical risk so parents know what to watch out for.

As bad as it is to have a measles, or anything else, outbreak.  Isn’t it just as bad to ignore any risk and a child dies because the parents were never told what to look for, like a reaction.

Again, get your child vaccinated, but know the signs of a bad reaction.  Be informed because obviously the medical community does not look out for you.