Democrats Hate Netanyahu

Democrats have for a while been against Netanyahu but recently things have escalated.

With Boehner’s recent invite of Netanyahu to speak to Congress the Obama Administration has ‘retaliated’ over this.  They have sent a team to work with Netanyahu’s political opponent using taxpayer dollars.

In fact some people within the administration have been quoted with some hatred towards Netanyahu.  One stated “Netanyahu spat in our face,” and there would be a retribution while another taunted Netanyahu over Iran’s nuclear program by saying it was too late to stop it, as if the Administration is proud of this.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently added her comments about the invite of Netanyahu to speak to Congress.

“Such a presentation could send the wrong message in terms of giving diplomacy a chance.”

She talks diplomacy yet the actions have been anything but.  It seems like the only diplomacy this Administration, and democrats want to engage in is with Iran, yet have nothing to do with Israel.

In a time when groups like ISIS are rising in power, its not wise to push an ally away.  Yet that’s exactly what democrats are doing.