‘White Christmas’ – Racist?

Seems like everytime something like Ferguson happens, people are being told what is considered to be racist.

Elect a black President, then criticize his decisions?  You’re a racist.

Show any support for a cop who killed a thug who robbed a store, walked down the middle of the street and assaulted an officer?  You’re a racist.

Sing the Christmas carol, ‘White Christmas’ in New York?  You’re a racist.

Yep, the fringe on the left has made that claim that the song ‘White Christmas’ is a racist song because it contains the word *gasp* ‘white’ in it.

Let’s, as these race baiters so often do, ignore the facts of the situation.  Never mind the fact white is referring to snow.  Snow has always been a white color, maybe a bit of blue mixed in.  (There’s yellow snow, but we all know not to tough that one.)

Yes, you do find ‘black’ snow, but that is after its been mixed with things like dirt.  I’ve never seen a ground covered in black snow after a night of snowfall.  Its always been white.

So, I guess that means mother nature is racist.  Or, we can call it what it is and move on to more important subjects.